Kdenlive opens any video clip only as audio

Hello, I recently installed Kdenlive on my Opensuse Linux desktop computer. I used it before without issues, but this time I get a strange behavior: any video clip that plays just fine with a number of other video applications is shown within Kdenlive only as an audio.
I suspect it is a codecs issue, but I have all the codecs that allow those videos to play in all other video players (Kaffeine, VLC, etc).
I attach a screenshot of how a mpeg clip appears when imported into Kdenlive.
I installed Kdenlive from Yast, that is the software manager of Opensuse, and I have version 20.04.2.
Thank you so much in advance for any suggestion!!!

I don’t think you are using Kdenlive from Flathub, the current version should be 24.05.0 (see Install Kdenlive on Linux | Flathub).

You’ll have to install it via Flatpak (I don’t know which GUI you can use on openSUSE, the setup doesn’t provide this information: openSUSE Flathub Setup | Flathub). Using the flatpak version could already fix your problem.

Unfortunately we can’t help you with the version you’ve installed, you’ll have to ask in an openSUSE forum.

VLC is kinda known to to include most of the codes in the app itself, so that’s not really helpful.