Keyboard stops working when launching Flatpak from TTY


I am trying to launch some GUI applications without having to run a desktop environment or X/Wayland session. When I launch an app such as RetroArch from the TTY with flatpak run, it runs successfully but is completely unresponsive to any input from my keyboard. The app can only be killed via SSH.

The native RetroArch package works fine, as does the Flatpak Retroarch when launched inside a Sway session. The “cmus” Flatpak (a command line application) works fine when launched from the TTY. My operating system is CoreOS. The user running the apps is a member of the “input” group.

I have also tried launching the Kodi Flatpak with the --windowing=gbm command line argument in the same way, resulting in the exact same behavior.

Is anyone able to reproduce this? Any ideas on how to fix this issue? Thanks!