Kid3 Flatpak request

Project information:

Name: Kid3
License: GNU General Public License (GPL)
Upstream has been contacted: No

I looked into this one, but I find it a rather hard nut to crack:
Github Branch

The real challenge lies in the large amount of plugins that are required: multiple utils to edit meta data, but also extra perl and doctools to actually build the project.


I made some changes to your yaml in order to make the Kid3 flatpak build work. Please have a look at my pull request


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That was easier then expected. I’ll push my changes to Flathub. Do you want to become a maintainer too?

Thanks for your effort. Yes, it could be helpful if I can become a maintainer too.

@ufleisch Have you considered adding your app to the KDE apps repo for nightly builds? (You can commit a manifest for a nightly build to your repo and then point to it.)

@eszlari Yes, I thought about it. But I only recently added my project to KDE and had it in the kdereview state. The recent 3.8.3 version is the first release as a package from KDE’s extragear-multimedia. So I wanted to take further steps like CI/CD after this. I will have to check what of my personal automated build can be moved to KDE. I build the binary releases for all platforms (Linux, Windows, macOS, Android) in a Docker environment with cross compilers for all these targets. I will have to check if I can have something adequate in the KDE CI environment.

Apparently Kid3 is on Flathub. Should this request be closed?

Yes, this request can be closed.