Kmail / Kontact (KDE) does not set up an /e/ account

Hi there,

I am on Debian stable on Plasma, I got Kmail out of the box, so I tried using that, I set up a few email accounts successfully, but I can’t set up my /e/ email account, weirdly, I can see the folders list, all of them, exept for the inbox folder, I could not figure it out.

Now I installed Kontact as a flattie, the exact same happens as well. I can see all folders except the inbox.

Other email accounts work just fine, only the /e/ account is weird.


Hi! From what I understand, you’ve stumbled on the bug of Kmail, Kontakt, or maybe some of their backend. Please, report this issue using KDE’s Bugzilla, to either Kmail or Kontakt. Don’t worry too much if the bug should be reported to some other product/component — KDE’s bug triagers will move it to the right place if needed.

All right then,