Kodi: AdvancedSettings.xml

Hi There,
First time user of Kodi Flatpack. Long time Kodi user.
Just wondered if advancedsettings.xml is able to be used with Kodi FlatPack.
I have installed the advancedsettings.xml file I have used in previous installs into the userdata folder and it will not connect to my mysql database.
Thanks in advance

Hey, it should work fine. I would assume, that you’ve put the file into the wrong folder, as flatpaks tend to have slightly different folder setups.

Did you put it into ~/.var/app/tv.kodi.Kodi/data/userdata

Hey razzeee,
Thanks for the reply.
The PC is running ubuntu 22.04, logs in as the “kodi” user automatically. So I installed the advancedsettings.xml in this folder : /home/kodi/.var/app/tv.kodi.Kodi/data/userdata
It does not see the kodi library.

Check/paste your kodi.log

Got it…
The network is not up and running before it tries to reach the Database Server.
The log is full of

Unable to open database: kodi_music83 [2002](Can't connect to server on '' (101))

Need to add a pause before starting up flatpak / kodi.
Thanks for your time

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