Kodi Flatpak missing PVR plugins

I’ve noticed that the Flatpak version of Kodi lacks all PVR plugins. There’s a commit which disables them but I could not find any explanation (neither on Github nor on these forums) why they were disabled.
I re-enabled PVR plugins by reverting the above mentioned commit and rebuilt the flatpak from source (can provide link if needed). Tried Tvheadend plugin and it works fine.
Is there some technical reason why all PVR plugins were disabled or this was done just to reduce size of the flatpak ?
I need PVR to be able to use Tvheadend on SteamOS 3 without having to unlock the OS partition and fiddle with pacman.

you are more likely able to reach the maintainer of the flatpak at Issues · flathub/tv.kodi.Kodi · GitHub