Last commit in org.kde.Sdk

So today I did the following commit:

That solved this build issue:

But it seems somehow flathub is not picking up the last commit? Actually for some reason it didn’t trigger the build automatically.

In fact, on the checkout manifest bit, it starts with:

git reset --hard d8bd831099418275a8dd3c2bc5e67d70cb7bd620 --
 in dir /srv/buildbot-master/master/workers/MasterWorker5/Builds/build (timeout 1200 secs)
 watching logfiles {}
 argv: [b'git', b'reset', b'--hard', b'd8bd831099418275a8dd3c2bc5e67d70cb7bd620', b'--']

Which is unintended, d8bd831099418275a8dd3c2bc5e67d70cb7bd620 is the penultimate commit.

How do we fix this?

I kicked off new build and it seems to use correct commit. I suspect there was some mirroring delay between GitLab and GitHub.

About builds not being trigerred, can you check whether GitHub or GitLab repo are configured to send push events to buildbot via webhook? Both also display if it was sent successfully or not.

As a side note, we should probably reconfigure buildbot to use KDE GitLab directly instead.

Also it’s working great now, thanks for looking into it.