Libre Office old versions

Project information:Hello, I’m wondering if I can find a direct link here to install Libre Office In my opinion, this is the most stable version in the last 2 years. Thank you.

Upstream has been contacted:

You might be able to revert back to it via downgrading, which is explained here Downgrading | Flathub Documentation

I used this instruction. As it turned out, the oldest version of Libre Office is in the list. And where do earlier versions disappear from Flathub? I remember for sure that a year ago I saw version here. I wonder where it is “buried”?

I don’t think flathub is able to store all old versions since forever, but I don’t know the infra

Hi for this is better format, use app image becouse you can install all version of this apps and use it without any confilict. This format is great for mobile use. You can have all apps on pendrive and use meny version this same app when you need without install anything. Very old Libre or Latest not mater this will be 2 diffrent version and you can use it side by side. :slight_smile: Remember change setting to executable, (chmod+x) in terminal or just use ui and look properties of file. Run as application.
Cheers from Poland. And Happy New Year! All.

More info for you, watch video on this site :slight_smile: good luck.