LibreOffice Still and Fresh

Project information:
LibreOffice is a free and powerful office suite, and a successor to (commonly known as OpenOffice). There are two versions: one for “technology enthusiasts” a.k.a. LibreOffice Fresh and a slightly older but more tested and stable version a.k.a. LibreOffice Still. On Flathub there is a Fresh version. I would like to request a Still version as well.
Name: LibreOffice
License: Mozilla Public License v2.0
Upstream has been contacted: No


LibreOffice flatpaks Fresh…

Yes, but there are no “still” Flatpak builds on Flathub, which I have been requesting.


I very much support this request as it is the “still” version that is the important one for productive environments.

Would like to see this too. Fresh has often some bugs while still is more important version for most users. Hope to see it on Flathub soon.

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I absolutely agree with this request. Only the LibreOffice Still version offers the stability that I would expect from a Flatpak.
In case that technically it will not be possible to offer both version in the Flathub repository, I’d propose to replace the Fresh version with the Still version on Flathub - at the moment of the next major version change.

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LibreOffice publish directly to Flathub… Maybe requesting a still version on their forums is a better approach, Or simply get the .yaml file and build it yourself