Looking for someone to take over Unity Hub Flatpak

I’ve been “maintaining” the Unity Hub Flatpak ever since it was made and, uhh, well emphasis on the quotes. I’ve been using an arm64 system and my main one for a while now, and it’s great, but it has the con that testing complex x64 software on it is very annoying. This has led to me needing to pull out an x64 system to test Unity Hub updates, which means most of the time I am not testing and merging the updates as quickly as I’d like. (Also, honestly, testing this is miserable because it’s slow to open & load and I have a bunch of Unity Editor copies on my drive now because yes.) I could just merge the PRs, but this has broken before in strange ways, and when it comes to offline software, a slightly outdated but functioning version is better than a non-functioning one.

With this in mind, it would really be better off if there were another maintainer for it.

(cc @ramcq @wjt I believe Endless still wants this around)

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Greetings from Endless OS Foundation!

We do indeed still want this around. Perhaps the @flathub/endless team could be added as maintainers.

If there are any active Unity Editor users on this forum it would also be nice to have someone really dogfooding it!

Well I do not have permission to modify the members so someone with access needs to do that :sweat_smile:

I opened a ticket at Add Endless team to com.unity.UnityHub committers · Issue #4679 · flathub/flathub · GitHub for our beloved admins.

Edit: this was done. The Endless team now has commit access.