Lunacy Flatpak request

Project information:

Name: Lunacy
Homepage: Lunacy – Free Design Software for Win, Mac, Linux
License: Proprietary (No cost)
Upstream has been contacted: Yes, via Twitter.

Lunacy is a no cost design tool available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It can import Sketch and AI files.

Unfortunately, it’s only available as a Deb and Snap right now. I’ve contacted the team via Twitter to ask if they wouldn’t mind an unoffical repack of the deb or snap on Flathub, or if they wouldn’t mind packaging it as a Flatpak themselves.

The Lunacy Twitter account liked my tweets about this, so I think that means they’re happy with an unofficial flatpak of the deb or snap? :thinking:

Screenshot 2022-02-11 at 12-56-28 Notifications Twitter

By the way, Icons8, the makers of Lunacy explicitly gave their approval with this tweet:

(Screenshot for archival purposes)

Thanks in advance!

Currently submitted

available now: