Making App updates to User Fork Repo or Flathub App Repo

I have submitted a new app called Greenery that has been accepted and is now listed. There is now a new update for the app and I want to add changelog details and release history.

Do I use my User Github Fork of Flathub to make the PR App Update or do I submit a PR to my Flathub Greenery repo (master) which is here:

Also how should I name the Commit? Should I include that app version being updated? Do I submit the PR on the master branch?

You will need to update the master branch on the flathub repo.

You should probably work on your own repo and send a PR once it’s ready, wait for CI, check the build and check then you should be able to use your user to accept that PR.

The commit message is not relevant to the flatpak being created, but it would be good practice to write something good, in case you need to go back and change stuff around. So capture some context for e.g.

I created a branch called greenery on the Flathub io.greenfire.Greenery repo and then did a PR to main. The build went through and I tested the flatpakref and then tried Opening the app from the Software center.

Greenery would not open and it is due to an X Server Wayland issue. I came across this issue when trying to build v0.9.8 locally from the Flathub runtime. Everything is documented in my PR. Through some research I found that executing the Flatpak binary from .local/ with ozone hint set to auto does allow the app to open but I can not resize the Greenery App Window.

./greenery --ozone-platform-hint=auto

Also before I did this PR I tested the first submission for Greenery in the Software Center (v0.9.7) and I was able to open the app without issue. In the v0.9.8 PR I added socket=wayland support and also socket=fallback-x11, not sure if that caused the issue. I tried going back to socket=x11 (original config) and that did not allow me to open the app.

Here is my PR with the details on the issue: