Making the site more useful for users and developers

Hi everyone,

I’d thought I’d start a meta post about how we can make that site better and have some experience with Discourse so I thought I’d start with some ideas and see what people think:

  • It’d be nice to get groups going so that when people post they know who the person is, something like “Maintainer” or “Contributor” and so on.
  • I’ve added a few more people with trusted power so we can close openish threads that resolve.
  • Ideally we want to make sure we’re welcoming when people have technical issues that they have a clear path to reporting issues. (I can work on some templates that have github pointers in them to help.) This should help cut down on the “should-be-a-bug-report” posts and get people to where they need to go more efficiently and with a :thanks:
  • However it’d be nice to have users posting their tips and tricks so that new users can have some sense of FAQs and how to familiarize themselves with the tech. I’m sure we have a collection of our own aliases, workarounds, or whatever, let’s start spreading the wealth.
  • Ideally app authors would be encouraged to post an announcement when their app goes live! (Not an automated thing, but like an actual announcement)
  • It’d be nice to integrate flatpak announcements from the fdo mailing list right into the announcements section as well.
  • Header/css work to get some major links in place, as well as a footer where we can put links to github, social, etc
  • It’d be great to republish or perhaps repost content from personal blogs here so that we can attach discussion to it. For example Will has a post on how disk usage and deduplication works, that would be an example of content that would great to have here because we could edit and improve it over time as the discussion.
  • Investigate social logins to reduce friction.
  • I’m getting slight bitrottish vibes from - we could surface that content here, use the wiki functionality to improve upon it, get more non-technical people like me involved in content generation, and then you can force me to use sphinx. :smiley: I know division of tech content between github and other tools can lead to much bikeshedding, which is why I put this one last.

I am watching very closely how Fedora is reorganizing their discourse because they are both engaging with the users and the contributor audience on one site but slicing and dicing it depending on the audience. I will of course implement all their good ideas as reasonably as possible. :smiley: WDYT?

The problem with the wiki for the flathub project is that the only one that can update it are the one that have permissions (I don’t). We can’t submit a PR like on any other part of Github.

Many times I want to improve it but couldn’t.