Managing multiple versions of a flatpak-ed app on offline machines

Hi all. I’ve flatpak-ed an application that I need to install on devices that are not networked. I use create-usb to generate the repo, tar it up, and then put it on a USB drive and bring it to the target. From there, I extract the tarball, add the repo on the USB drive as a remote, and install the flatpak app. So far, that works fine.

What I have not yet figured out is how to update the app. Let’s say I fix a bug in 1.0.0 and need to deploy 1.0.1 to the target. I want to have both versions on the target in case I need to roll back to 1.0.0, and if it’s only a small change, it’d be nice if there was only a small change in the required storage, too. That seems pretty attainable, given that it should just be a small diff, but I have no idea how to do that.

Conceptually, I’d like to generate a diff between what’s on the target machine and what’s on the new USB drive, commit that change on the target, and give it a branch name (“1.0.1”). Is there a way to do that? If so, how?

In my current search, I actually can’t even seem to find any information on how to manipulate branches in a repo. Any insight on that would also be appreciated. Thanks!