MCPE Launcher Update

Project information: MCPElauncher Update to 1.16.210

Minecraft pocket edition launcher is currently stuck on version 1.16.201.

This is the only safe (not a dodgy apk) way I can find to play Minecraft bedrock edition on a Chromebook. However it is currently behind a version preventing cross communication with other bedrock users.

An update to this would be greatly appreciated.

The launcher has been updated to 1.16.221, beware 1.16.210+ breaks crafting on intel and amd devices. 1.17 (beta) is currently working so it shouldn’t delay as much as 1.16.210.

I’m not actively monitoring this forum, it is more likly to get a (faster) response if you create an issue:
Issues · flathub/io.mrarm.mcpelauncher (
You find the current status of a new GameUpdate here

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