Mellowplayer and other Flathub installations

Hi community,

for a view hours I’m trying now to make an installation via flatpak. My initial goal is to install mellowplayer. This is all supposed to run on a raspberry pi and no matter what I or search for, I simply do not get the results back at it should have.

I followed this:
All good until now. No matter what I try to install, I always get this: "error: Nothing matches "

It stays like this, even after reboot. Adding the repo (again) does not give any errors.
Everywhere I look it says, that “com.gitlab.ColinDuquesnoy.MellowPlayer” is the correct address.

The same goes for other apps. Just picked one from the list:

Sudo only removes the warning.
Anybody, any idea? Thanks.

Kind regards

I’m gonna guess that you are using the default RaspberryPi OS which is 32-bits. This application is only available on 64-bits OS, like most of the apps from Flathub as support for arm 32-bits has been dropped in recent runtimes.