Mission Planner Request

Project information:

Name: Mission Planner for ArduPilot
Homepage: Mission Planner Home — Mission Planner documentation
License: GPLv3
Upstream has been contacted: No - but cant foresee any issues


  • QGroundcontrol has similar functionality and already exists as a flatpak.
  • "…It is possible to run most Windows based programs on many Linux Distributions using MONO. "
  • My goal is to use Mission Planner on SteamDeck, hence the request

Thanks in advance.

any feedback. Apols im new here.
I’ve managed to get mission planner on the steamdeck via distrobox (very cool) but flatpak must be the way…

please let me know what needs to happen for this to happen. Thanks.

If I want to install a specific version, such as QGroundcontrol 4.1 , how do I install it? Can Flathub provide all stable release?