My Flatpak app keep crashing. Need help testing


I create Avogadro2 flatpak and submit to Flathub.

Please try installing it and run it.

Just open the app for about 5 minutes, no need to do anything, and see if it close it self.

Avogadro close it self after a few minute without doing anything.
Please tell me if it does anything.


Not crashing for me on debian 11

Thanks for the help.

I didn’t experience any crashes.
Fedora 34, Wayland.

Are you an upstream developer or are you only packaging the app?

running on wayland


no crash anyway

Fedora Silverblue 34: Did not crash with more than 5 minutes of use.
Tested also with it opened with no use.

Ps: As showed by @FastOSlinux, it’s unusable using Wayland, but it works with xWayland

Ps: Runned without access to internet and home folder, since I wouldn’t need them

Just packaging the app, but I have been in active communication with upstream dev.

Thanks, I will remove wayland from it.

Thanks for the test.

My experience with Qt and Wayland hasn’t be great when using GL.

The worst part is that when running a GNOME Waylan session, the KDE SDK patched out the Qt code that disable Wayland in that case.