Necessary faults.

Good morning.
I have been following Flatpak since the beginning of time, it is something that Linux users want, and it is appreciated.
But, it has a few flaws that are much needed.

The thumbnails.
It is impossible to work on a large creative project (animation, audiovisual production), if you don’t have the thumbnails in the browser.

Killer applications.
Blender, GIMP, RetroArch are programs with a vital relevance in Linux. They need full support from Flatpak managers.

Many applications cannot access directories, you have to maneuver outside of the installation to use them correctly.
A permissions interface, iOS/Android style, would be timely for this.

Take these suggestions into consideration because they can be very beneficial to the project. Thank you for all your work.

Can you elaborate what’s wrong with the thumbnails? I might be missing something, but app icons are all looking good to me

That’s the dream!

The native files, generated by the programs using Flatpak, do not show a preview.