Need help build ParaView: Cannot load examples


I have been trying to build ParaView.

I have to put these files into the “share/paraview-5.9/examples” folder according to this comment.

Using this command.

  - mkdir /app/share/paraview-5.9/examples
  - mv Testing/Data/can.ex2 /app/share/paraview-5.9/examples
  - mv Testing/Data/disk_out_ref.ex2 /app/share/paraview-5.9/examples

However, the examples would not load.
When opening ParaView, it have option to open example visualizations.
But this error occur.

Your installation doesn’t have datasets to load the example visualizations. You can manually download the datasets from and then place them under the following path for examples to work:


I don’t know what I am missing.