Need some assistance with building a flatpak

In general, the documentation has been pretty great, I got the basics of a flatpak yaml created, but the issue I’m getting once I go to locally install the flatpak is that the desktop file that my project uses and the icons aren’t being installed by the looks of it. Even after restarting the session I can’t run it from an app launcher but instead by terminal using flatpak run.

At this point I think I might be missing something crucial but I’m not sure what.

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Don’t know how I missed this bit, but rename-icon and rename-desktop-file solved it for me.

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Then you fix the problem? :slight_smile: Good for you :slight_smile: Maybe your file name was not nice :smiley: Cheers from Poland!

If you are looking to create a Flatpak file, you can use the flatpak build-bundle command. This command creates a single-file named FILENAME for the application (or runtime) named NAME in the repository at LOCATION
Flatpak renaming
Manifests - Flatpak documentation

Well next step right now is getting it to pass the litners, once I do that, I’ll be looking to submit my flatpak for my project.

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