New Flathub App Category: Health & Fitness

It would be great to have an app category for “Health & Fitness” related apps since they don’t really fit into any of the existing categories which makes discoverability harder.

Categories are a bane - IMO they are a mess and badly out of date, that’s cause they are old.

You would need to go over to the freedesktop folks and pitch that there. But it might make more sense to pitch a whole replacement of the old category system.

Opened an issue here: New Application Category: Health & Fitness (#975) · Issues · / freedesktop · GitLab but there’s not been any engagement. Wrong place perhaps?

Not sure, but not really surprised - haven’t really looked, but by the fact of how broken/messy the categories already are, it seems to me, that there is no one “owning”/“leading” on them.

I think the categories is part of the menu-spec in this repo:

So it might be more visible there.

Thanks for the hint. Have opened an issue there also New Application Category: Health & Fitness (#121) · Issues · xdg / xdg-specs · GitLab