New Software related

I’m new here. I don’t know if I can request for any app or not but I will try anyway :slight_smile:.
As you know Notion in available in Snap. But I am in Arch. So I have to use snapd from AUR. Which often gets flagged out of date and snap is not working right now. Notion is the only snap app that I use. It would be great to see Notion in flathub. As a regular Notion user it bothers me alot and sad thing is I can’t change my distro. I’ve tried to adopt so many distro’s but moving from Arch is not really possible for me. And Notion in AUR is flagged out of date too. Now flathub is the only way. I don’t if it’s possible to add Notion in flathub but I tried anyway.

Notion wasn’t interested in distributing their app on Flathub. See for details.