Not seeing my app under "Authored apps"

I’m the author of both Feeel and Parlera. Both have the same package prefix (“com.enjoyingfoss”), I’ve added both through the same Github account. However, Feeel doesn’t appear in my list of authored apps after logging in, while Parlera does.

What can I do to make Feeel appear as well? I’d like to officially verify the app.

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I’m assuming you did but might as well ask anyway – did you click the “Refresh” button on the list of “authored apps” at

Yes, I did. Just double-checked to be sure. :slight_smile:

Can you make sure, that you have rights to both github repos on the flathub github org?

I think you’re onto something.

I’m not quite sure where to check the rights to a repo, but:

  • for Parlera, I get a Wiki tab up top as well as links to add a readme, create a new release, and publish my first package
  • for Feeel, I get none of those

Furthermore, the commits for Feeel seem to be linked to my name and e-mail only, not to any Github account.

What can I do to get rights to the Feeel repo?

Open an issue at GitHub - flathub/flathub: Issue tracker and new submissions

Thanks for the tip!

Just opened an issue at Assign rights to com.enjoyingfoss.feeel repo · Issue #4923 · flathub/flathub · GitHub