OBS on Debian 12 KDE Wayland

I 'm trying to record my screen with OBS on Debian 12 KDE with Wayland.and I have some issues. When I use it as is, the Pipewire option doesn’t work, i don’t have any monitor output. When I switch this app to x11 from Flatseal, the XSHM only shows a black screen and the cursor (for some reason). Should flatpak obs work as is or do I have to install some kind of addon also? Thank you!

To the best of my knowledge it should work as it, out of the box. Not sure, if your gpu vendor might be relevant here.

I have the exact same issue with Deb 12, Wayland, Pipewire, and Flathub install of OBS 30.1.2, I just haven’t gone through all of the same troubleshooting. AMD 6800 is my GPU.
The apt version (29.0.2) works pretty well, only a few issues that don’t interfere with core operation.