OBS Studio needs EOL runtime?

I’m relatively new to Linux and flatpaks and I received a warning when updating flatpak apps that OBS Studio is using runtime org.kde.Platform/6.4, which is end of life. I installed 6.5, but still received the warning. I uninstalled OBS Studio and reinstalled it thinking that would remove the error, but it doesn’t. It says OBS needs 6.4.

My question: will this error just remain until OBS Studio gets updated to refer to a newer runtime?

Required runtime for com.obsproject.Studio/x86_64/stable (runtime/org.kde.Platform/x86_64/6.4) found in remote flathub
Do you want to install it? [Y/n]: y
Info: org.kde.Platform//6.4 is end-of-life, with reason:
We strongly recommend moving to the latest stable version of the Plaform and SDK

Yes, otherwise the app might just break. OBS devs will update and make sure it actually works first.

to be fair the 6.4 runtime was deprecated without notice or announcement.

The reason is “Qt 6.4 is out of support”

I have raised the issue previously about informing people.