Old version of Kodi on Steam Deck

Hi folks, first post here so please bear with me.

I’m just getting to grips with the desktop side of my Steam Deck and would like to install Kodi 20.5 (Nexus).

It’s ridiculously easy to install the latest version 21 (Omega) via Discover, however for reasons of needing to remain on Nexus for a while longer due to a shared mySQL database, it’s this or nothing for now.

I’ve tried various approaches so far including downloading the Debian package for 20.5 and trying to install that, but it sounds like Flatpak is the way to go, if I could just get some assistance with it, that’d be amazing.

Thanks in advance.

It’s not possible unless you build it yourself. Flathub only keeps a few of the latest builds and builds containing 20.5 were already deleted.

You can get the available builds with flatpak remote-info --log flathub tv.kodi.Kodi. The oldest is from 2024-04-14 but the update to 21 was on 2024-04-06 (see Commits · flathub/tv.kodi.Kodi · GitHub or Update to omega).

Unfortunately there is no easy way to identify the actual application version inside the Flathub build (what’s shown with remote-info --log), you’ll have to compare the GitHub commits with the Flatpak log. (At least I’m not aware of an easier method)

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Thank you for the info. I found one which doesn’t mention the upgrade to Omega (as all the others do) but it’s a little bit too much effort I think for something that is just a case of waiting for OSMC to be updated in line with Kodi, hopefully soon.

I really appreciate your time to give me some understanding.