OnlyOffice document not opening from Evolution e-mail

Project information: OnlyOffice desktop editor Flatpak

When I want to open an (for instance Word) attachment in Evolution e-mail (running in Flatpak) of which OnlyOffice is the default application (also running in Flatpak). OnlyOffice is started, but it does not seem to have access rights to that attachment.

Possible cause
When I open a PDF attachment in Evolution, the PDF document reader is started, so the problem only seems to occur when opening OnlyOffice attachments in Evolution.

OnlyOffice shows the behavior (opening a blank document) when OnlyOffice does not has access rights to a document. So I played with Flatseal (allowing OnlyOffice more access rights (system, home, etc ) but that did not solve the problem.

Anyone who knows a solution?

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They might not be correctly calling org.freedesktop.portal.OpenURI - XDG Desktop Portal documentation in that case but that’s a guess

You might be able to reproduce that with ASHPD Demo | Flathub

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Thanks for the reply and suggestion. Two questions

First: with “they” you mean Evolution or OnlyOffice?

Second: where can I find documentation of ASHPD Demo?

The docs of ashpd (not ashpd demo) are here ashpd - Rust but not sure how that will help you

Probably evolution, still it would be strange/an oversight, if they do it correct in one place, but not the other.

Thanks, I got impatient and reverted back to LibreOffice (in flatpak), which launches perfectly.

I also have same issue with Telegram (Flatpak). Is anyone solve this problem?