[Open] WPS-Office dictionary does not work

Hello Flathub Team

After installing WPS-Office I found that the dictionaries in the selected languages are not working.
Not even adding manually to the folder.

See the gif image below:

The wps-office is in the correct language in PT BR, but the dictionary does not work in Brazilian Portuguese and other languages.

It also does not suggest correct words at the time of typing.

Has anyone experienced this problem?
Is there a fix or solution for this problem?


Hello Flathub Team

The wps-office was updated via flatpak update on this date, but it does not inform the wps-office version or what is being updated.

In the update the following message appeared:

Screen Capture_deepin-terminal_20200713121912

The updated Brazilian Portuguese dictionary remains to be installed and the other standard dictionaries do not work. The suggestion to translate while typing does not work either.

The wps-office version is in Brazilian Portuguese, but it does not come with O DICIONÁRIO in PT_BR.

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Distro used Deepin UOS V20Beta

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