Opera include ffmpeg codecs


While I have found many aspects of the Opera Flatpak to be excellent, there is one crucial feature that appears to be missing: the support for FFmpeg codecs that are essential for proper video playback on various websites.

Unlike the Flatpak version, the Snap version of Opera currently supports FFmpeg codecs, which ensures smooth video playback across a wide range of websites. This capability significantly enhances the browsing experience by allowing users to watch videos without any disruptions or compatibility issues. However, the absence of FFmpeg codecs in the Opera Flatpak version restricts me from enjoying videos on several sites and diminishes the overall browsing experience.

I kindly request that Opera Software considers including FFmpeg codecs in the Opera Flatpak version. This addition would undoubtedly bridge the gap in functionality between the Snap and Flatpak versions.

I have tried troubleshooting the issue by trying different methods I’ve found but none seems to work.


Issues are filed with the Flathub project if you really want them to be seen:

(and even then, YMMV)

The “Request” section of the forums where this was posted is definitely not the right place.

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