org.gnome.GHex - can't verify

Hey there, I’m the upstream maintainer for GHex as well as the maintainer for the flatpak on Flathub. I can’t seem to verify the app with my GNOME Gitlab account since it is asking for klember to login - he is one out of two maintainers listed in the upstream .doap file as well as myself. Does the site not have the ability to authenticate in the event of more than one maintainer listed in the .doap file? Or am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance.

cc @barthalion will know more. But afaik you need to move yourself as the first name in doap.

Yeah, you need to be first website/backend/app/ at main · flathub-infra/website · GitHub

Thank you. I did the reordering and now Flathub is correctly looking for me to login as my own username on GNOME Gitlab. However, when I now try to do this, I get the error message: “The selected account is already logged in.” This also happens if I log out of GNOME Gitlab in my browser session - it then asks me to login to GNOME Gitlab, and when I do that, it gives me the same error. I also get the same error if I attempt this in a private browser session.

I still don’t get why it was done like that, but you end up here website/backend/app/ at fb985d45bcd33387f58102add8bc865c2b90ddc4 · flathub-infra/website · GitHub