org.kde.Sdk 5.15.0

I added the 5.15 branch to our runtime but I don’t see it in the apps list, anyone knows if I missed something?

@apol while it doesn’t work maybe it’s worth reconsidering this and delay it only after freedesktop 20.08 is released? There may be significant gap before KDE 6.0 runtime happens which would mean KDE won’t have runtime that uses latest freedesktop-sdk.

We can always do 5.15v2 for 20.08, no?

Yes although it will be unprecedented and maybe confusing for app maintainers (most people won’t know what v2 means). Is there a particular need for releasing it now rather than within 2 months?

Ultimately it’s up to KDE team, but yes, it would be uncommon to have v2 version of the runtime. As 5.15 is going to be LTS, I’d recommend to use 20.08; the world won’t end if it uses 19.08 though.

Looks like it works when I start the build manually. I’ll poke Ben Cooksley if there’s anything logged in KDE GitLab.

The events correctly arrive at buildbot but it fails to assign proper ID to it and fails to start the build. I’ll add it to my todo, in the meantime you can start it on your own by logging in at with your GitHub account, pressing Start build in the top right corner and entering org.kde.Sdk/5.15 into App ID field.

This is being discussed on the mailing list too. I’m not a big fan of a v2, I’m not a big fan of waiting either.

Do we know for sure that the ABI breaks between both freedesktop sdks?

There’s very little chance than a year of upgrades, including major ones, did not break ABI.

Yeah, ABI is changed. It’s like new ubuntu or debian release.

BTW: could you link to this mailing list discussion?

Unless all apps are ported from Qt5 to Qt6 by next year, a 5.15 v2 runtime based on fd.o 21.08 would be needed anyway, if you want to have the same level of maintenance (especially Mesa) from freedesktop-sdk.

I guess it makes sense, let’s wait until September to publish it with the new 20.08.
Thoughts @tsdgeos & other KDE app maintainers?

Ok :man_shrugging: i guess September is almost here anyway :smiley:

As of today, the FreeDesktop SDK 20.08 is officially released!