Overclock NVIDIA GPU to achieve undervolting

I am trying to overclock my NVIDIA GPU, on Ubuntu, in order to achieve effective undervolting.

The idea is that raising the voltage/frequency curve so that at a given frequency it’s running at a lower voltage than before. Source: How I stopped my XPS 15 7590 GPU from throttling

I have watched today the the following video: How to overclock Nvidia graphics cards on Linux.

In the video, there is actually a slide bar where I could undervolt directly. Should I instead do that?
Would that work? because, as someone pointed out in the comments below the video:

Nvidia is not allowing voltage control on Linux for new gen cards

I have also asked a question on AskUbuntu, but apparently I am not allowed to add more than 2 links :frowning:

I don’t see how any of what you’re asking for is related to Flathub/Flatpak.

I thought GreenWithEnvy was developed by Flathub :slight_smile:
Apologies if it wasn’t.

Flathub is an application store where the developers publish their Flatpak apps.

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