[Package Request] Haiku Animator

Project information: A free and open-source animation creation program, used primarily for and creating a short animation for an app or a website out of a vector drawing.

Name: Haiku Animator
Homepage: haikuanimator.com
License: AGPL v3 or later
Upstream has been contacted: Yes, via Github issues

Is this project a part of the HaikuOS, which is still under development RC1 Beta 4, and available for download on DistroWatch.com? I use Haiku and I don’t want confusion. Their website can be found at https://haiku-os.org/.

Hi @Allewyn ,
no, this is not at all associated with HaikuOS. It’s just coincidentally named Haiku Animator.

(After all, the word “haiku” is a common noun that any project can use. AFAIK, HaikuOS has no animation creation program that’s part of it.)