Parsec Flatpak Request

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Name: Parsec
Upstream has been contacted:

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There is a parsec flatpak these days, in case you weren’t aware yet:

But it’s not an officially supported one, so no guarantees. I would still love to see people working on it.

Getting “Nothing matches com.parsecgaming.parsec in remote flathub”

Trying to get Parsec to run on my chrome os under linux

What is the output of uname -a, there is currently only a x86 built, so if you are running on ARM, this won’t be available.

However it would also be an opportunity to get involved and help testing an arm version. So if you are interested, I would recommend to check out GitHub - flathub/com.parsecgaming.parsec

You don’t need to program or open a pull request, but some feedback from tests would be nice :slight_smile:

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