Path issues with flatpak and homebrew

Hey ya’ll! I’ve been experimenting with using homebrew as companion to Flatpaks/Flathub to provide CLI apps.

I’ve been using it fulltime for months and it’s been a great experience!

However at some point I installed a package that pulled in pk11-kit, which it stuck in /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/bin. This is where homebrew sticks binaries. Since this path is first in my $PATH, my flatpak installation started using it.

This resulted in both my discord and steam flatpaks using the homebrew pk11-kit, which broke both apps. There are millions of homebrew installs on linux so I was perplexed on how there haven’t been more issues like this.

I was wondering if there maybe was a way to set a specific environment variable for flatpak to ignore these paths to keep both systems decoupled? Any insight would be appreciated! Thanks!

Issue: Homebrew's path setting conflict with host binaries · Issue #687 · ublue-os/bluefin · GitHub

Hey, not to be rude, but you probably will have more success raising this at Issues · flatpak/flatpak · GitHub

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No worries, thanks for the pointer!

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