Payments for non-US developers?

After signing in to Flathub beta, I vist and click on “Create a Stripe Express account”. It asks for my personal information but it does not allow changing the country for the address and the phone number and asks me for last 4 digits of my Social Security Number which I don’t have since I’m not a US citizen.

Is this final, or will the developers from other countries also be allowed to receive payments when the payment feature launches?

The page currently doesn’t actually accept payments and uses a testing API key only to let us test the general flow. Rob and Neil are sorting out legal issues, but the general idea is to support all countries allowed by Stripe.

Is there any plan to support countries where Stripe is not available? i.e. support for an additional payment gateway like Payoneer, etc.?

The current focus is to make what we have generally available. There are no limitations from the code perspective as of number of payment gateways, but we can’t commit to anything beyond Stripe for the time being.

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