PCSX2 latest update v1.7.2156

Hi everyone,

PCSX2 was updated today for the version Nightly - v1.7.2156 Compiled on Jan 1 2022, and after the update is not working. I have saw and it is because the .desktop file is using the following command.

/usr/bin/flatpak run --branch=stable --arch=x86_64 --command=PCSX2 net.pcsx2.PCSX2

which gives the following error:

bwrap: execvp PCSX2: No such file or directory

I have removed the parameter --command=PCSX2 and the .desktop file is working again:

/usr/bin/flatpak run --branch=stable --arch=x86_64 net.pcsx2.PCSX2

Which is the use of the parameter --command=PCSX2?

Thank you very much in advance.


A new version has been deployed PCSX2 Nightly - v1.7.2186 Compiled on Jan 2 2022, this version has corrected the issue changing this:


for this


Thank you very much.

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