Pin Specific rust-toolchain

Hey folks,

new to flatpak because someone requested that we pack our software this way.
I am currently trying to take over an existing flathub project and update the version: update to airshipper v0.11.0 by xMAC94x · Pull Request #22 · flathub/net.veloren.airshipper · GitHub

The problem: It seems like everything needs to be pinned in flatpak, each archive needs an sha and each dependency must be offline available during build. But the toolchain i get is rust-nightly, and it switches each day. I have found no documentation to pin it. I need 2024-01-15 to compile (Ilike specified in the projects rust-toolchain file) but somehow flathub ignores this and builds with 2024-03-12 which does not compile :confused:

So my question is, is there some way to pin a rust toolchain in flathub ? Or should i just try to wget | bash my way and hack my way through this ?

you can’t. Fix your code, as relying on Rust nightly for producting isn’t a great idea. You should be using a stable toolchain.