Pirated App on Flathub

Bro, wtf is tl:legacy doing on flathub?

I guess you meant to write ET: Legacy | Flathub? The page mentions it being GPLv3 due to the 2010 release of that code.

No, I’m talking about this: Legacy Launcher | Flathub

This is a pirated Minecraft Launcher

I’m not sure how to verify that, but that’s not for me to do anyway. The correct place to report would be Issues · flathub/flathub · GitHub

Sure, I’ll check it.

At the time of its submission, we’ve explicitly asked the developer to require logging in with Microsoft account. It doesn’t even seem to launch on my end right now. If you can prove this has changed, please open an issue at GitHub - flathub/flathub: Pull requests for new applications to be added (as it’s generally better suited for this, I don’t pay much attention to Discourse).