Please add Plumber application to Flatpak

Project information:

Name: Plumber
Homepage:Install Plumber - Media trimmer on Linux | Snap Store
License: MIT
Upstream has been contacted: no

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The developer has published applications on flathub already. let’s see what they reply. Should be fairly straightforward.

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Hi Thanks i also join, your quest :smiley: I think this is MIT license then anyone with skill to do that can create flatpak. :slight_smile: More format better. AppImage, Snap, Flatpak all good if you need then. :slight_smile: AppImage you can download and use meny version same app in OS. Also without install great for pendrive. Mobile version :slight_smile: Snap for server. And more… I love Linux and im so happy we have meny choices :slight_smile: Last what we need is open Nvidia drivers who work like amd version.and Bootle who work with all games and apps from windows. Then i not need more. Still only 4 apps not let me format windows and not use dual boot. Coz not work native on linux. :frowning: and with wine also. I Swer myself i have one year from not to total migrate to linux, thats why i install linux on my gaming laptop, and 14 October 2025 when windows 10 end support i change my rtx 2060Super to some RX from amd in pc and i format all. But now i use fedora 39 native on legion 5 and i use mate deskotp coz i hate gnome, and wayland. And i test aplication games and, resolve all problems who i see. Then when one year end. I install linux on main pc and all will be done coz i also save meny config files, who i create, for myself in meny apps :slight_smile: MS tell Win10 will be last OS, and im sure for me will be, i hate win 11 looks, hybrid gnome and osX so bad. Apple also is trash for me then no thanks.