Please add Rocky Linux to the Setup page, is it safe to use the setup for RHEL 8?

Hi, as you may be aware, Rocky Linux is a fork of RHEL 8.
Rocky is meant as a replacement option for Centos.
A number of us are using Rocky as a desktop/workstation.
Flatpak is installed by default in Rocky.
Since Rocky is not an option listed on Flatpak—the future of application distribution, I clicked on the setup link for RHEL. And this seems to work.

  1. But is this safe? Is it ok to use the setup link for RHEL to setup flatpak in Rocky?

  2. Please consider adding Rocky as a distro on your setup page.

Thanks ahead of time…

you can submit a pull request.

The file is

(it’s for the flatpak website)

Hi @hub,
Thanks for responding to my 2nd question. Unfortunately I am just an end user of flatpak and Rocky Linux and I am not technical enough to understand what a pull request is, much less execute it.

So again if anyone at flathub would consider adding Rocky Linux to the setup page, that would be much appreciated.

I have not had anyone answer my first question, maybe because I am asking 2 questions in the same topic - so I will break it out into a separate topic.

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Hi @ Haggen88,
Thanks for letting me know about this.