Please help me! After a while, Flatpak apps either take 30 seconds to launch, or won't launch at all.

After logging in everything is fine, but after a while it just stops working. Tried launching VLC with the flatpak run command via the terminal after first logging in and it worked. Tried it again as soon as the issue came back and now it says

“bwrap: Can’t find source path /run/user/1000/doc/by-app/org.videolan.VLC: Permission denied”

Get this same error for every other flatpak program, I just used VLC as an example. Logging out and logging in again fixes it temporarily until it happens again, but I need a long term fix. Can anyone help me?

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same here, getting :

bwrap: Can’t find source path /run/user/1000/.flatpak-helper/monitor: Permission denied

That’s started right after I installed Btrfs Assistant. Cannot open any flatpak after launching Btrfs Assistant, or it launches ~30 sec…
If I restart the system and do not run Btrfs Assistant , I have no issues with flatpaks.
Fedora 39, gnome, wayland

Interesting, I have BTRFS Assistant installed too, and I have not encountered this bug in a while. I will try running it and see what happens. I just don’t understand it though, it is not a Flatpak itself, and it surely has to run in the background for the snapshots, right? Mind you, it is merely a graphical frontend for Snapper isn’t it? But that begs the question, why would a GUI for something already running cause this issue? (Assuming it does). I will try running it and get back to you, I have not had this issue in a while however I have not run the BTRFS assistant in a while either.

Fedora 39, KDE, Wayland (tested on xorg bug was still there)

EDIT: Just tested it and can confirm, it is the BTRFS Assistant that is causing it. Everything works perfectly until I launch it then I have to log in and log out to get Flatpaks back to normal.