Point CMake to subfolder for CMakeLists.txt

Hello everyone,

I am trying to build a dependency for a Flatpak. However, I am having trouble when I try to specify that the CMakeLists.txt is in a subfolder rather than the archive’s root.

This is the yml I have for the module.

- name: test
    buildsystem: cmake
      - type: archive
        url: URL
        sha256: SHA256
          type: anitya
          url-template: URL-TEMPLATE
          stable-only: true
          project-id: ID

These are the variables I attempted to use (unsuccessfully) to point CMake to the folder main:

      - -CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR=main
      - -DCMAKE_SOURCE_DIR=main

I realise this is quite a silly think, and I probably have the answer in front of me. I’d really appreciate anyone’s input that might know how to achieve this.

Thank you!

Use subdir: <dirname> below buildsystem.

dirname is the folder relative to source root in which CMakeLists.txt should be present.