Possible to install two instances of an app in flatpak (linux mint)?

I am trying to troubleshoot some issues with Kodi on linux Mint 20.x. I need two different configurations of Kodi on flatpak to compare. Is this possible? Also, I am having trouble figuring out the file structure. It seems there is more than just what is in /home/.var/app/tv.kodi.kodi.

There is .local/share/flatpak/app/
But I think .var/app/tv.kodi.kodi is the place where the config is placed. If it is, simply copy the config folder and put it somewhere, then replace it with config that you want to test.

Thanks. But moving or deleting the .var/app/tv.kodi.kodi causes flatpak kodi to become unstable and crashes even though it repopulates it. I found the main flatpak kodi app executable files in var/lib/flatpak , also found associated files in .local thank you. Guess I’ll have to dive into those to figure out what controls what.