Problem running on Debian 11

I have installed Flatpak on Debian 11 but it can find or search for any known items like VLC. I get the following. I am using version Flatpak 1.10.7. What could be wrong

flatpak search vlc
No matches found

If I perform the following to check the URL

flatpak remotes -d
Name Title URL Collection ID Subset Filter Priority Options … … Homepage Icon
flathub Flathub - - - 1 system … …

Which architecture? x86_64 or aarch64?

debian 11, 32 bit, Linux debian1 5.10.0-20-686-pae #1 SMP Debian 5.10.158-2 (2022-12-13) i686 GNU/Linux

flathub doesn’t support any 32 bit architectures. So that’s expected.

What is the reason. Flatpak installs on a 32 bit machine with no Error message and its just a repository so if an app like VLC exists for the 32 bit platform why not flatpak?

it’s too much work to maintain the runtime for obsolete architectures.

flaptak is just the tool. It’s not the runtime.

Why does it install on 32 bit system?

flatpak is NOT flathub.

Flatpak is just a tool. Nothing prevent anyone from supporting obslete architecture to install application as flatpak.

Can flatpak be used on a 32 bit system? Can software be installed on a 32 bit system using flatpak?

And I said in the other thread, 32-bits runtime are no longer supported. That doesn’t prevent flatpak from working, just that there is no software packages for it anymore.

I understand. If flatpak does not provide any 32 bit software packages it should warn users that no packages are supported since it would be useless for 32 bit systems.

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