Problems with mesa drivers

Hi, i use Linux Mint 21.2 and yesterday i updated the mesa drivers from the kisak PPA; today i found retroarch stopped working. Then i tested other flatpak apps and i found the same error on some of them. It seems to be related to libGL:

The flatpak apps with the same issue are: Retroarch, mGBA, Dolphin-emu, and Blender.

I also tested 2 games from steam, and a game using lutris/wine; and they worked fine.

So it seems it is an issue with the mesa drivers i installed and some flatpak apps that use libGL; at least is what i found so far.

I used timeshift to load a snapshot and go back in time the system, then updated everything except the mesa drivers and restarted. The apps were working again with no errors. Then i made a new snapshot, installed the new drivers, restarted the system, and the issue is back. That way now i know for sure the drivers are related to the issue. (Here is important to note that the issue will not happen until you restart the system after the update).

The mesa version with no problems is 23.2.1 ; and the new version that caused the issues is 23.3.0

Just in case it may be related: i’m using amdgpu and not the radeon drivers. I have an old HD 7770 (Cape Verde, GCN 1.0), and it seems vulkan for this GPU is not supported with radeon drivers, that would limit a lot the games i can run.
I may switch back to radeon to test if that is related to the issue.

Best regards.

Well I lost the page where it explained how to switch from radeon to amdgpu :sweat_smile: .
Anyway there was a flatpak Freedesktop.platform update today, it includes mesa drivers 23.3.0 , the same version that gave me issues with the system drivers, so I installed both to test what happens.
Now mGBA, Dolphin-emu, Blender, and PPSSPP works just fine; but libreto.Retroarch still gives the same error as before. Also, I note that PPSSPP gives some errors, but then it continues anyway.
Here is a screenshot showing the errors from PPSSPP and Retroarch:

Here is a screenshot from yesterday showing the errors with DolphinEmu and mGBA:
Same as retroarch they tried to open and then closed.
Now, they work just fine, but retroarch is still not working.

I think it tries to use radeonsi while it should use instead the amdgpu one (amdgpusi ?) The SI comes from SouternIslands, which refers to some GPUs, including my HD7770.

Best regards

RetroArch uses an older runtime which is based on 22.08 of the Freedesktop runtime (org.kde.Platform 5.15-22.08). That’s why the other applications are probably fixed: Mesa was only updated for 23.08, 22.08 is still on 23.1.9.

It seems RetroArch is in progress to be updated, you could report your issue there (Please update Runtime org.kde.Platform to 5.15-23.08 · Issue #260 · flathub/org.libretro.RetroArch · GitHub). This would at least work around the issue.

You can check if an issue already exists on the runtime tracker &, if not, report it there: freedesktop-sdk / freedesktop-sdk · GitLab

Today updated the org.freedesktop.Platform to 22.08.20 and now retroarch is working. Yesterday updated the system mesa drivers to 23.3.1

I hope it stays working. :smiley: