Problems with publishing?

I’ve had the last 2 main branch builds of totem fail to be published for a reason I don’t understand.
In the “publishing builds” phase, it says:

Publishing build

Api call to failed with status 400, details: {'status': 400, 'error-type': 'no-error', 'message': 'No json error details from server'}

Full log at Flathub builds

I usually just retrigger the build from the builders interface: Flathub builds

Most of the time it works.

It worked the 3rd time, after a day. The worse part of it is that the build appears as successful in the builds overview. Is flathub/flathub the place to report those, or is there a specific repo for build system problems?

flathub/flathub is probably the best place to file an issue.

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