Publish lint is failing on a warning?

The new lint PR check is preventing me from releasing an update, but it seems there’s only warnings…

    "errors": [
    "warnings": [
    "appstream": [
        "W: com.zquestclassic.ZQuest.desktop:~: releases-not-in-order 2.55-alpha-119 << nightly-2023-09-26-2",
        "W: com.zquestclassic.ZQuest.desktop:~: releases-not-in-order 2.55-alpha-116 << nightly-2023-07-19"
    "message": "Please consult the documentation at"
  1. Since “appstream” only has W warning failures, shouldn’t appstream-failed-validation not be present?
  2. The releases-not-in-order seems to be based on the version name, but that doesn’t work here for my use case… the releases in this PR are now in date order, but the lint rule seems to ignore that! I could “fix” the lint error and provide the wrong order, if I must do so to publish a release. But I’d rather not.

The warnings W: come from appstreamcli and are usually errors on flathub with the linter.

The solution for your release? Order them the way it’s expected, ie version string order.

Appstreamcli validate marks warnings as fatal. The linter does nothing there other than output the result of the validation.