PulseEffects Pipewire version and the maintance version of 4x should coexist

The current version of PulseEffects on FlatHub is the 4x maintenance version. I seen comments on various internet corners of people complaining about wanting 5x PulseEffects. Some may be unaware that it requires Pipewire, and will not work on PulseAudio systems. I think Flathub should package a separate version of PulseEffects with (Pirewire) in parenthesis and explain that it will only work on distros with Pirewire.

Flatpak has the ability to do these things, where as a traditional package manager would struggle on using two versions of the same app.

I just don’t want PulseAudio users to get screwed or pipewire users to be disappointed. That is why I made this suggestion.

They already do.

If you want instructions to add the flathub-beta remote, you can follow the instructions here: https://github.com/flathub/flathub#using-the-flathub-repository